Virginia LEAF Loaf

(Vegetarian Meat Loaf)

In large mixing bowl combine:

3 Slices  Bread Crumbs (preferably Pumpernickel or dark bread)

1  Cup    Walnuts finely chopped or food processed

1  Cup    Oatmeal (Dry – preferably Old Fashioned)

¾ Cup    Wheat Flour

2              Carrots (Finely shreaded)

½             Onion   (Finely chopped or food processed)

1 Tsp      Pepper (course)


In Food Processor conbine:

1lb.         Tofo Brick (Xtra Firm – 1st Processed to small crumbs)

¼ Cup    Soy Sause

¼ Cup    Worcestershire Sause

¼ Cup    Catsup

¼ Cup    Dijon Mustard

1              Egg


Pour Food Processor contents into mixing bowl and combine. Fit and form into a meatloaf pan (generally 4x9 size). Bake 1 hour 325 ° then add a layer of catsup on the top and bake 20 minutes more.